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 Hello to all! Generally I do not send a message decegenre, but it Message comes from a very good friend lawyer and mesemble one Interesting oportunité. If she says that celà That will work, Will work. After all, there is nothing in Lose! Here is what she says: I am a lawyer, and I Know The law. This is real. Not you Be mistaken step, AOL and Intel Will hold(like) Their promises of fear To be dragged there Justice and to face a pursuit Of Multimillion dollars fellow man In that Classified by Pepsi Cola against General Electric there is not For a long time. Dear friends, please, not Take not this for the cheap junk. Bill Gates is Spirit Of Share his(her,its) fortune. Yes You ignore this, you could Regret later. Windows Remain program most widely Used, Microsoft and AOL Experiment by sending this test by Electronic message ( E-mail beta test). When you Send it Message Electronics (e-mail) to your friends, Microsoft can and You Will detect Yes You are A user of Windows Microsoft) During 2 weeks. For every person who will send it Message, Microsoft will pay you 245 EUR 00. For every person in Which(Who) You Have it Voyé this message And which(who) will send him(it) to other, Microsoft Will pay you 243 EUR 00. For the third Nobody who Will receive, Microsoft will pay you 241 EUR 00. In 2 weeks, Microsoft you Will contact for The confirmation of Your mailing address And will send you a check. Sincerely, ; Charles S Bailey General Manager Field Operations 1-800-842-2332 Ext. Golden 1085 904/245-1085 USA

Now RNX 292-1085 mailto:Charles_Bailey@csx.com_ I believed that this was one Swindle But 2 weeks having Received this electronic message (e-mail) And after have had him(it) Sent, Microsoft has me Contacted for my Address Mail And I received A check of 24800 EUR. You owe Answer before this test Is ended. If somebody has Means This defaire It is > The good. Bill Gates. For him, it is a spending(expense) Of Marketing. If he(it) you Pleases send this message in so much Of People that possible. You Should receive at least 10000 EUR We Not Would help Step Sending this message, if there was not Step Nbsp; a small something for us.. Blonde(Lager) of My Brother, is Embarked here Some last months. When I Went Visit them For Joust Of Baylor / C, she(it) showed me sound Check.. Sum(Dream) Was Of 4324 EUR 44 and freed(franked) " Pay in Suit ". > Aunt Of one Of My check Friends, Aunt Patricia, who works For Intel, received at present one Check of 4543 EUR 23 Just man Sending this message. As I have him(it) Said Before, I know Law, And this e st really, Intel and AOL is in negotiation for one Fusion by Who(Which) They would become the company most Wide in World and to be sure To remain the program More Widely used, Intel and AOL experiments with this test. "

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Bruno 04/12/2007 17:36

C'est un canular, une recherche google sur par exemple la fusion Intel et AOL ou la poursuite de pespi contre General Electric vous en convaincra
Sinon les sites et/ou sont fait pour cela